Studying in UK: What to do and what not to do when selecting a course or university

Studying in UK: What to do and what not to do when selecting a course or university

Desk Report: There is a simple checklist of crucial factors can help students those contemplating educational pursuits in the UK specifically, here are a few advantages.

When planning to study abroad, aspirants should conduct thorough research into one’s preferred field of study and interest as it is crucial for making informed choices. It is advisable not to select a course merely because it’s popular or due to peer influence. Instead, students should evaluate if they foresee themselves enjoying the career path associated with it.

A simple checklist of crucial factors can help students make decisions or shortlist institutions of their choice. For example, students should focus on institutions known for excellence in their field of interest that offer specialized programmes aligned with their career aspirations. They should consider institutions offering adaptability and flexibility in learning models, to navigate changing global circumstances if need.

It is recommended to prioritise universities providing robust career services, internships, and networking opportunities to boost post-graduate employability. And it is good for students to seek universities with diverse campuses that cultivate an environment embracing various cultures and perspectives.

World in your classroom
Students from many countries come to study in UK universities, and one can find diversity in the classroom. These networks can provide valuable opportunities for internships, job placements, and career advancement. We have recently launched our global alumni network programme. The Alumni UK website provides access to exclusive professional development opportunities to expand knowledge, foster career growth, and facilitate connections among international UK alumni worldwide.

Recognition of Degrees
UK and India mutually recognise academic qualifications, facilitating acceptance of degrees and enabling Indian graduates to pursue doctoral and research-based degrees upon returning to India. You may or may not be planning to come back after your one year masters but having the option to do so is a great positive.

Academic Excellence
Consider universities with high global rankings, considering the strength of their programmes in your desired field of study. Qualification from a well reputed university opens many doors and if you have put in the hard work then you will succeed.

Availability of Scholarships
Explore available scholarships, grants, and financial aid options offered by universities and the UK government.

Strong links with Corporate World
Universities in the UK deliver key skills that may allow students to future-proof their professional profiles. This happens because of strong links to the corporate sector and the world as industry supports research and contributes to the curriculum in many universities across UK.

Great Curriculum and Facilities

UK education offers flexible learning, a diverse cultural experience, and world-class infrastructure to prepare students for the dynamic job market. Also, many universities offer specialised programmes allowing students to gain expertise in their field of interest.

Impact of Culture
UK’s multicultural environment fosters international perspectives, allowing students to explore diverse cultures and become global citizens.


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